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KLE College of Pharmacy, Belagavi
Funded Research Projects
Si.No. Name Topic Expected outcomes
1 Dr. Archana Patil Research Fund KAHER RS. 69000/-

Modified Co-polymer with Dual responsive activity for Anti-cancer drug delivery

The novel nanoparticulate drug delivery system for capecitabine with targeted site specific delivery feature may be achieved. Frequency of dosing may also be reduced with this delivery system which reduces the cost of treatment.

2 Dr. Bhaskar Kurangi Research Fund KAHER RS. 80,000/-

Cubosome based nanoformulation of herbal phytoconstituent for targeting brain.

The Herbal phytoconstituent loaded cubosome nano formulation will show better therapeutic effect in targeting Alzheimer Disease.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Si.No. Name Topic Expected outcomes
1 Mr. Shailendra S. Suryawanshi

Computer Aided Screening and Isolation of Bioactive Fractions From Roots of Muntingia Calabura for its Anticancer Activity Against Colorectal Cancer.

Generation of computational profile and Identification of bioactive fraction for treatment of colorectal cancer from Muntingia calabura.

2 Dr. Parixit Bhandurge

Bioactivity guided isolation of cytotoxic constituents from bark and root extracts of Gnidio glauca Linn.

Bioactivity guided isolation of active constituents.

Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry
Si.No. Name Topic Expected outcomes
1 Dr. Sunil Jalalpure

Development & Evaluation of Quercetin loaded nanostructered liquid crystalline dispersion for targeting skin cancer

Enhancement of bioavailability of Quercetin for skin cancer.

2 Dr. Sunil Jalalpure

Development and evaluation of phytochemicals loaded nanostructed liquid crystanine dispersion for targeting skin

Enhancement of bioavailability of selected Phytochemicals for skin cancer

3 Dr. Sunil Jalalpure

Development and Establishment of Genetic Markers for 'Jivanti': An Ayurvedic Medicinal Material

Genetic Markers for Jivanti

4 Dr. Sunil Jalalpure

Emerging Trends in drug discovery and formulation Development

Development of herbal formulation using novel techniques

Ph.D. Projects
Si.No. Name Topic Expected outcomes
1 Mr. Toufik Kazi

Development and Evaluation of Diacerein and Aceclofenac Loaded Topical Nanoemulgel for Osteoarthritis: An Experimental Study

Improvement of patient compliance by decreasing the side effects of Diacerein and Aceclofenac associated with oral route.

2 Ms. Prasiddhi Raikar

Capecitabine and Thymoquinone loaded Pluronic Nanoparticles targeting colorectal cancer.

To enhance bioavailability and pharmacological efficacy of Capecitabine and Thymoquinone by targeting to colon using Pluronic nanoparticles for colorectal cancer.

3 Mr. Sujay Hulyalkar

Development of Lipid Based Nano Carriers as Cubosomes for Transdermal Drug Delivery of Zaltoprofen and Felbinac Anti-inflammatory Agents.

In view of avoiding loss of drug by hepatic first pass effect , development of Cubosomes for Transdermal Drug Delivery of Anti-inflammatory Agents Zaltoprofen and Felbinac

4 Ms. Umashri Kokatanur

Preparation and Characterization of Transethosomes for Transdermal Delivery of Simvastatin and Nebivolol Gels and In vivo Evaluation of their Efficacy- An Experimental Study.

To improve drug bioavailability of GI sensitive drugs development of transdermal gels of transethosomes loaded with Simvastatin and Nebivolol

Si.No. Name Topic Expected outcomes
1 Mr. Sanjay ugare

Insilico docking based pharmacological screening for hepatoprotective activity of Cucumis melo and Cucurbita pepo in experimental animals

Identification & efficacy of phytoconstituents from Cucumis & Cucurbita pepo as hepatoprotective agents based on insilico studies.

2 Mr. Rajashekar Chavan

Development and assessment of poly herbal formulations for metabolic syndrome in Wistar rats.

Effectiveness of poly herbal formulations on metabolic syndrome.

3 Mr. Namit Kudataraka

Formulation, characterization and pharmacological evaluation of Chrysin loaded phytosomes in colorectal cancer in Wistar rats.

Effectiveness of formulated chrysin loaded phytosomes in colorectal cancer in rats.

4 Dr. Faizan Beerwala

Exploration of Cardio protective activity of Garcinia indica and Lagenaria siceraria in Olanzapine induced Sprague dawley rats”.

Identification & cardio protective efficacy of Garcinia indica & Lagenaria siceraria in olanzapine induced cardio toxicity.

5 Ms. Duya Taza

Pharmacological evaluation of selective citrus flavonoids on olanzapine induced weight gain, dyslipidemia and insulin resistance in rats.

Effect of selective citrus flavonoids in olanzapine induced weight gain, dyslipidemia and Insulin resistance in rats.

6 Mr. Ajit Bhatkal

Study on molecular mechanism of Picrohiza kurroa ane Butea monosperma antidiabetic medicinal plants.

Identification of possible molecular mechanism involved in antidiabetic activity of Butea monosperma & Picrohiza medicinal plants.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Si.No. Name Topic Expected outcomes
1 Ms. Rohini S. Kavalapure

Synthesis characterization and anticancer activity of some quinoline derivatives

Synthesis of novel quinoline and quinazoline lead molecules for their anticancer activity.

2 Ms. Vaishnavi A. Kuthe

Design, Synthesis and Anticancer Evaluation of new Quinoline and Quinazoline compounds.

Identification of possible lead molecules for the cancer treatment containing quinoline and quinazoline.

3 Mr. Nandkishor Bavage

Design and Synthesis of Selected Heterocyclic Analogs as a Potential Anti-Diabetic Agents.

Possible lead molecules for the management of α- amylase and α- glucosidase inhibitors.

4 Mr. Shriram D.Ranade

Synthesis, Characterization, In-Silico Study and Antidiabetic Evaluation of Nitrogen and Sulphur Containing Heterocyclic analogues.

Identification of novel heterocyclic compounds for their anti-diabetic activity.

5 Mr. Shailendra S. Suryawanshi

Development and validation of analytical methods for estimation of selected anti-diabetic drugs: Quality by design approach.

Simple, precise, robust and cost effective analytical methods for quantification of anti-diabetic agents based on QbD approach.

6 Mr. Randive Krantisinha Hanumant

Polymorph Screening, Development and Validation of Analytical Methods for Estimation of Selected Antihypertensive Drugs by A QbD Approach.

Identification of possible polymorphic forms and robust, cost effective AQbD based analytical methods for determination of Anti-Hypertensive agents which comply with regulatory affairs.

7 Mr. Rupesh Shripad Kulkarni

Development and validation of newer analytical techniques for selected Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Stability indicating analytical methods for estimation of Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as per ICH requirements.

Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry
Si.No. Name Topic Expected outcomes
1 Ms. Supriya S. Chimagave

Design, optimization and characterization of Hesperidin loaded transferosomal gel for the treatment of Gout

For enhancing solubility and bioavailability of hesperidin loaded transferosomal gel it’s antigout activity.

2 Mr. Tukaram Kisan Kedar

Formulation, optimization and characterization of Fisetin loaded cubosomes for the treatment of lung cancer: An experimental study.

To Increase aqueous solubility and bioavailability of Fisetin cubosomal nanoformulation and it’s anticancer activity on lungs

3 Ms. Chaitrali M Bidikar

Phytochemical fingerprinting of Terminalia spacies from north central corridor of western ghat using HPTLC analysis.

Scientific validation and assessment of antioxidant and antifungal biomarkers from selected Terminalia species of western ghats by HPTLC

4 Mrs. Sneha Patil

Development of HPTLC fingerprint for formulated antidiabetic polyherbal preparation and its evaluation in STZ Induced diabetic Wistar rats.

Standardized polyherbal antidiabetic preparation and evaluation for it’s synergistic effect

5 Mr. Akshay K Patil

Development and evaluation of antiarthritic potential of Piperine loaded nanoformulation in Wistar rats

Preparation of Piperine loaded nanoformulation for antiarthritic potential.

6 Ms. Kishori P. Sutar

Development, Optimization and Characterization of Transferosomes and Cubosomes of Apremilast For Psoriasis- An Experimental Study.

Identification of possible molecular mechanism involved in antidiabetic activity of Butea monosperma & Picrohiza medicinal plants.

7 Ms. Amruta Ravi Balekundri

Quality assessment of selected marketed classical ayurvedic preparations by chromatographic techniques.

Development of novel HP-TLC method for selected marketed classical ayurvedic preparations.

8 Ms. Siddhi Prakash Fogueri

Formulation and evaluation of Quercetin and Kaempferol loaded nanoparticles for anti-psoriasis: an experimental study.

Preparation of topical nano formulation which will have comparatively more benefits for psoriasis compared with marketed convection formulation.

9 Ms. Manisha Rajpurohit

Formulation and development of Apricot fruit pulp and seed preparations for wound healing in Wistar rats.

Apricot fruit pulp and seed preparations will possess significant wound healing potential and minimises the side effects associated with synthetic drugs.