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Vision Mission

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To be an outstanding department in pursuit of new horizons to create self-reliant pharmacists of global repute through pharmacy education

Our mission is to contribute to the National Programme of providing graduate trained pharmaceutical manpower through prescribed training programmes like B. Pharm., M. Pharm., Pharm D and Ph.D with professional pharmaceutical education and effective competency to undertake the national task of meeting social and pharmaceutical needs in pharmaceutical education and research.


Immediate Goals
  • New College building at Basavan Kudachi, Belagavi, with scope for expansion of newer programs & facilities.
  • Introduce PG Program Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • To introduce various Value-Added and Multidisciplinary courses.
  • Establish Digital Animal-based studies
  • Enhance multidisciplinary research projects
  • Strengthen the patient outreach programs in the community
  • Organization of Faculty development programmes, national and international events.
  • Strengthening of alumni association with the involvement of distinguished alumni in academic and structural development of the institution.
  • Digitalize Study Materials for increased accessibility & Advanced Online Teaching Modules
  • Increase collaborations and MoU with reputed industries or institutes (Pharma industries, biotechnology institutes)
  • To identify Foreign Professors for Short tenure teaching assignment every year as visiting faculty
Short Term Goals
  • Emphasis on foreign collaborations in select areas, tie-ups with Indian and Foreign institutions.
  • Opening of chapters of alumni associations in different parts of the country and abroad.
  • Establishment of eco-friendly clean environment with excellent water and energy management.
  • Contribute to  National Repository on Educational Data
  • Design & implement Skill based training program
  • Accreditation of PG departments
  • Patenting & translating outcomes of existing research
  • Establishment of Quality Control Facility for consultancy services.
  • Upgrade existing facilities at Hospital for better clinical pharmacy services
  • Level 3 Isolator – Total parenteral nutrition
  • Community Engagements & Social Responsibility Projects
  • International Accreditation for Pharm D (ACPE)
Long Term Goals
  • State-of-the-Art and ultramodern facilities at the college on par with international institutions, 100% computer enabled student friendly facilitation centre.
  • Academic auditing and validation of research programmes.
  • Academic, administrative and financial autonomy to allow departments to initiate self-financing programmes.
  • PG pharmacy Residency in Oncology
  • Horizontal & vertical integration of courses as per NEP 2020.
  • Establishment of Drug testing Laboratory
  • Advanced Insilico Lab with Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) facilities for

            Drug Discovery & Product Development

            Organ-chip models for drug evaluation

            Precision medicine and pharmacogenomics - Personalized medicine